Meet Beagle, your financial
  • Find your old 401(k)s

  • Discover your 401(k) hidden fees
  • Rollover and save thousands
  • Unlock your 401(k)s and IRA
  • ...and more!
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Solve the complexities in your journey towards retirement

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Find Your Old 401(k)s

Beagle will track down all your old 401(k)s for you. Sign up only takes 3 minutes.
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Find The Hidden Fees

Beagle can show you all of the hidden fees that are robbing your retirement of thousands of dollars.
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Hassle-Free Rollover

With 1 click, you could rollover to a better retirement account, save thousands and never worry about tracking your 401(k)s again.
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Unlock old 401(k)s/IRA

Beagle enables you to borrow from old 401(k)s/IRA at 0% net interest. Why pay high interest on credit cards or personal loans?


Peace of mind

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It’s not chump change
With the average person changing jobs every 4 years, over $3.1 trillion dollars have been left behind at old jobs collecting huge fees. And with the average 401(k) account worth $112,300, a single lost account can really affect your retirement.
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Never lose your money again
At Beagle, we were tired of how hard it was to keep track of our old 401(k) accounts. We never knew where they all were, if they were making money or what fees we were paying. That’s why we made the easiest way to find all of your 401(k)s.
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Know exactly what you’re paying
The average 401(k) charges a whooping .97% or more in fees! That could be costing you 28% of all your retirement money. Let Beagle find all of those fees for you so that you know how much you are losing.
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All your money in the same place
Beagle combines all your 401(k)s in one place so you always know where they are and could cut your current fees by up to 3x. We take care of the whole rollover process and you can sit back and relax.
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Access to 401(k)s before you retire
Beagle unlocks your old 401(k)s and IRA so that you can take a loan from them at 0% net interest (all interest paid back to yourself)! Stop paying high interest on credit card debt or personal loans.
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