How Much Is Brightview Senior Living?

Explore the pricing options at Brightview Senior Living and discover why it is an exceptional option.

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As seniors transition into their golden years, they may encounter age or health challenges that require specialized care. Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s or needs assistance in performing personal activities with a touch of excellence, Brightview Senior Living is an excellent option for them. 

Brightview Senior Living offers exceptional amenities for each of the different senior living packages. Independent living starts at $5700 monthly, while assisted living starts at $6890 monthly at Grosvenor. Memory care begins from $10,215. Brightview senior living costs also vary depending on the location of the community and choice of amenities. 

What Does Brightview Senior Living Offer?

Brightview Senior Living encompasses over 40 communities spread across eight states, including New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. 

It is an ideal choice for seniors on the East Coast, among other regions in the United States. It offers three living arrangements for seniors who find it challenging to maneuver through their daily activities alone. These living arrangements include:

Independent Living

Brightview Senior Living’s independent living option is perfect for self-sufficient older adults who want to worry less about house maintenance. This option allows seniors to enjoy desired amenities and a fulfilling social life. Under this category, Brightview Senior Living offers the following: 

  • Recreational activities
  • Pub 
  • Theater 
  • Garden 
  • Fitness facilities 
  • Library 

Assisted Living

Due to age progression or health-related issues, some seniors require help performing essential tasks such as taking medication, dressing, and bathing, among other hygiene practices. Brightview provides assisted living options to help older adults with personal activities. Under the assisted living package, professionals customize assistance according to individual needs. 

Memory Care

Seniors living with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia have a place at Brightview Senior Living. The memory care program is specialized to cater to the needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s. In addition, Brightview’s memory care program includes Wellspring Village, a specific neighborhood for Alzheimer’s care.

Here are some benefits that the memory care option at Brightview offers: 

  • Well-spring village
  • Numerous outdoor activities
  • Full Calendar
  • Cozy apartment
  • Professional meals
  • Stimulating outdoor activities
  • Personal care assistance
  • Security 

How Much Does Brightview Senior Living Cost?

Several factors determine the cost of Brightview senior living. These include the location, type of living arrangement, and the care needed. Hence, the cost varies according to where you live and the care level needed. 

Grosvenor in Maryland charges $6890 for assisted living, $12,875 for dementia care, and $13,055 for enhanced care. The North Andover location charges $5,700 for independent living, $8045 for assisted living, and $10,215 for memory care. Note that these are monthly charges and vary depending on the amenities provided. You may also be required to pay a one-time community fee that is equal to the one-month fee for the living arrangement.

If you are budgeting for senior living at Brightview, it is essential to do a cost evaluation considering the location you desire. Also, understand that the type of amenities you choose will determine the final cost. Considering these factors can help you get a more accurate cost of how much you will pay.

Also, while Medicare and Medicaid help cover senior care costs, they might not be reliable in covering the living costs at Brightview Senior Living. In most cases, Brightview only accepts private insurance. 

What makes Brightview Senior Living a good option for seniors?

Brightview Senior Living goes beyond the bare minimum. It aims at enhancing the quality of life for the residents in the following ways:

  • There are recreational activities that are stimulating and enjoyable for residents
  • Brightview Senior Living offers an incredible dining experience with a restaurant-dining style and chef-prepared meals. 
  • The transportation program delivers comfort for seniors during errands, outdoor activities, and appointments. 
  • The fitness facilities are top-notch, and the exercise classes have custom features to suit residents' specific needs.
  • Residents can enjoy flawless housekeeping services and focus on enjoying a rich social life.
  • The staff at Brightview are long-tenured and have unique compensation packages, ensuring high-quality services at all times.

If you are considering a senior living facility with great amenities and exceptional care services, Brightview should be at the top of your list. It is an excellent place for seniors who want impressive amenities and a cheerful place to reside. 

How to pay for senior care living

Senior care living is expensive, and it can be out of reach for most seniors. However, considering several payment methods and adequate financial planning, it is possible to comfortably afford the best care packages in a great facility such as Brightview Senior Living.

Here are some of the payment options you might have: 

Long-term care insurance

If you have long-term care insurance that covers assisted living, it is a great way to cover senior care living expenses. 

Life insurance

You can use life insurance to cover senior care costs by selling it to a third party or surrendering it to the company for cash. 

Home equity

You can tap into your home equity to cover senior living costs in several ways, such as a reverse mortgage, selling your home, or taking a bridge loan. 

Veteran’s benefits

If you are eligible for veteran benefits, you can cover some senior living costs.


Before considering Medicaid as a payment option for senior care living services, you need to check with your state to see if you qualify as a low-income senior citizen.

Private payment

Seniors with sufficient savings can make withdrawals to pay for senior living facilities out-of-pocket.


While covering the financial costs of assisted living can be taxing, many living facilities, such as Brightview Senior Living, make things easier by providing different packages. Ensure you enquire about incentives, offers, and fee waivers when paying for senior living to avoid missing out on saved expenses. 

Also, it is essential to consider the quality of life and experience in senior living facilities. For example, some facilities offer a great chance to have a fulfilling life in their communities at an additional fee through access to special services. If you have a flexible budget, living a high-quality life in the community can be more fulfilling than saving on cost.