How much Is Oakmont Senior Living?

Learn how much Oakmont Senior Living costs, the senior care services available, and the unique amenities you will find at the facility.

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As much as the golden years are a sizzling blessing, they also come with the task of finding quality but affordable living arrangements. Whether you need help with daily activities or need an environment with ready amenities, a senior living facility can provide the desired level of care. Oakmont Senior Living is a good option for seniors looking to enjoy exquisite care.

Oakmont senior living costs range from $4295 to $9393 for retirement/assisted living, while memory care starts from $3995 for a companion suite and $7395 for a studio. Charges vary among living communities. There are also additional charges, such as a one-time community fee that can be $5000+, depending on the community. The monthly costs can vary depending on the choice of amenities.

What does Oakmont Senior Living entail?

With 80 communities across California, Hawaii, and Nevada, Oakmont Senior Living provides seniors with a safe, comfortable space to thrive. The facility offers different types of care tailored to suit the different needs of seniors.

Here are the types of senior care services at Oakmont: 

Retirement living

Seniors looking to live independently in a supportive community with multiple amenities can benefit from Oakmont Senior Living’s retirement living package. This option allows seniors to enjoy a serene environment without worrying about home maintenance responsibilities.

Also, seniors can access a social community and high-end social amenities. Other benefits that seniors enjoy include professional housekeeping, wellness centers, chauffeur transportation, pet parks, movie theaters, restaurant-style dining, etc.

Assisted living

If you are struggling to perform daily living activities, Oakmont's assisted living option is a good option. Oakmont Senior Living provides professional assistance in activities such as dressing, bathing, mobility, and medication management while maintaining privacy for seniors. With this option, residents enjoy Oakmont’s high-end amenities including chef-prepared meals, a library, chauffeur transportation, housekeeping, and a fitness center. 

Memory care

Oakmont Senior Living provides exceptional support for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In addition to the 24-hour professional care, residents enjoy music therapy, art therapy, and pet therapy, making it possible for them to thrive in the community. In addition, residents in the memory care facilities also have access to the exquisite dining experience and exciting social activities. 

Respite care

It is easy for caregivers to develop burnout and feel overwhelmed. Oakmont acknowledges the need for caregivers to have a break and facilitates this by providing respite care. Seniors in need of respite care enjoy the incredible amenities and professional care during the length of their stay.

Respite care at Oakmont relieves stress associated with worrying about caregiving responsibilities when the primary caregiver needs to tend to urgent responsibilities or requires a pause. 

Oakmont Senior Living costs

The costs at Oakmont Senior Living depend on the level of care, the community, and the choice of living arrangement. Here is a breakdown of the expenses at Oakmont Senior Living: 

Assisted living: $4295 - $8095 for a one-bedroom and $5795- $9393 for a two-bedroom

Memory care: $3995 - $7395 depending on the level of care 

These costs vary depending on the community. In addition, residents pay a one-time community fee on top of the monthly payment. For example, at Ivy Park community, residents pay a $5000 one-time community fee. 

What are the unique amenities at Oakmont Senior Living?

While the unique expertise and 5-star amenities can raise the cost, the quality of life in Oakmont communities is worth every penny. 

First, nature is essential in improving physical and mental well-being. Oakmont's gardens are more than necessary; they offer an exceptional experience for seniors with amazing outdoor gardens. 

Oakmont also provides a suitable environment for seniors to socialize. There is a movie theatre and a lounge where you can enjoy fun movies and conversations with new friends in the community. 

At Oakmont, you do not have to give up your pet due to limited space. You can enjoy fun walks and bonding with your pet dog or cat at the pet park. Walking and bonding with a pet relieves stress and is a great way to keep up with physical activity. 

Oakmont has professionals with a warm disposition, making it possible for residents to benefit from the services. You won’t have to worry about your loved one getting the help they need, getting around with medications, going to doctor’s appointments, and other daily activities.

What to consider when comparing senior living facilities

Cost is one of the major factors to consider when choosing a senior living facility, but there are other essential considerations. First, you will need to physically visit the facility, and request to make a tour of the facilities available before making a final decision.

During the tour, you can have a list of inquiries to get all your questions answered. One tip to getting the best senior living facilities is listing down your non-negotiables and ensuring that the facility meets them all.

Here is a checklist of things to ask during your tour:

  • Pricing information 
  • Floor planning
  • Additional amenities 
  • 24-hour customer service on call 
  • Caregiving schedule
  • Caregiver-to-residents ratio

The above list contains suggestions of what your questions should aim to discover. You can also add any other inquiries you might have to ensure that you benefit from the tour. 

Additionally, you should be aware of additional charges, one-time fees, or any other charges that come with using specific amenities. You can also ask about offers, waivers, or other discounts. Ask whether the charges are negotiable to save a few dollars. Remember to ask about the available payment options to allow proper financial planning on how to cover the costs. 

Finally, once you tour several senior living facilities and you are satisfied with the answers to your questions, you can compare the different options on your list of facilities and choose the facility that meets your non-negotiables and favors your budget. Choosing a senior living facility that offers all the essential amenities can greatly improve your loved one’s quality of life.