How much is Sunrise senior living?

Explore the costs, amenities, and unique features that make Sunrise Senior Living a worthwhile option.

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While senior care living can be a tough call, it allows seniors to live a less stressful and better-quality life when caregiving becomes overwhelming. Sunrise Senior Living eases the transition by offering excellent care for seniors who seek independent living, memory care, or assisted living. 

Sunrise Senior Living costs vary depending on location and level of care. Seniors who require independent living pay $3100- $5300, while the cost of assisted living ranges from $5100 to $6700, and $5900 to $7500 for memory care. Some Sunrise senior living facilities offer skilled nursing services, and the cost varies according to the level of service required. 

What Does Sunrise Senior Living Offer? 

With more than 260 communities spread across the US and 15 in Canada, Sunrise Senior Living offers a holistic approach to the well-being of seniors. Residents enjoy social, cognitive, and physical wellness in the communities.

Here are the care options it offers: 

Independent Living

Sunrise independent living communities provide an ample environment to promote a fulfilled and active lifestyle. They are ideal options for seniors who need a supportive environment while maintaining their privacy. 

Assisted Living

Aging can result in difficulties performing activities of daily living. Sunrise Assisted Living communities have incredible amenities and services, helping seniors perform activities such as bathing, taking medication, and dressing. 

Memory Care

Seniors with Alzheimer’s need specialized care and a nurturing environment to improve their quality of life. The Alzheimer’s Society has recognized Sunrise Senior Living due to its adherence to dementia care recommendations. Therefore, if you are looking for an outstanding memory care community, Sunrise Senior Living should be at the top of your list. 

Skilled Nursing

Some Sunrise Senior Living communities provide skilled nursing. These services are ideal for seniors who need short-term attentive care or rehabilitation. In skilled nursing communities, residents receive professional nursing care from trained and experienced staff. 

How much does Sunrise Senior Living cost?

The cost you pay at senior living communities determines the quality of care and amenities you will receive. Other factors that affect the cost include location, required level of care, and the type of community.

Sunrise Senior Living charges $3100- $ 5300 for independent living, $5100 - $6700 for assisted living, and $5900- $7500 for memory care. The skilled nursing charges vary depending on the type of services needed and insurance costs covered. 

Some communities may levy an additional one-time fee such as a community fee, in addition to the monthly charge. When making inquiries, be sure to ask about discounts, fee waivers, and incentives to get all possible cost reductions. Also, ask about the insurance policies that are accepted in the facility and other forms of payment. 

Amenities at Sunrise Senior Living

Seniors living in Sunrise Senior Living communities get access to multiple amenities, including:

  • 24-hour staff for all levels of care
  • Restaurant-style dining and a unique menu
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation 
  • Social and fitness programs 
  • Wellness visit from a professional nurse
  • Community cat or dog 
  • Supportive program for family 

The staff at Sunrise Senior Living undergo specialized training to ensure they offer the best care to the residents. Plus, resident nurses are licensed to practice in a hospital setting, and they undergo additional training to ensure they can attend to the healthcare needs of the residents.

How to pay for Sunrise Senior Living

Before settling for Sunrise Senior Living, you should understand the various payment options available, plus any discounts and waivers you can get to lower your costs.

Here are the payment options at Sunrise Senior Living care: 

Life Insurance

You can trade your life insurance for a lump sum and use it to pay for senior living costs. 

Long-term care insurance

Some insurance policies cover the cost of assisted living. Ask if your long-term care insurance can cover the costs. 

Pay out of Pocket

Personal savings and investments are also another way to cover senior living costs without straining or forgoing quality over cost.

Veteran’s benefits

If you are eligible for veteran benefits, you can use your benefits to cover senior living costs. 

What makes Sunrise Senior Living a good option for seniors

Sunrise Senior Living is a good option for seniors who want to spend their time in a facility with high-quality services and great amenities. Here are some unique benefits you will get at the facility: 

Caregiver Training

The staff at Sunrise Senior Living undergo special training in addition to their primary professional training. The vigorous training ensures efficiency in service delivery for the residents.

Living Spaces 

If you want a cozy place to live in your golden years, Sunrise Senior Living apartments provide well-equipped and comfortable living spaces. In addition, they offer significant common areas that are convenient for residents, including wellness centers.

Unmatched Dementia Care

Sunrise Senior Living follows the dementia care recommendations of the Alzheimer's Society. In addition, they have earned recognition from the Alzheimer's Society for their exceptional dementia care, making them one of the best memory care facilities in the United States. 

Personalized Care

The facility creates care plans tailored to individual needs. The care plans also aim towards personal wellness. In addition, Sunrise Senior incorporates stimulating social activities to enhance seniors' cognitive health. 

What to look for in a senior living facility

Here are some factors you should consider when comparing senior living facilities:

Services and amenities

Compare the recreational facilities, transportation, outdoor facilities, and dining experiences that each facility offers.

Quality of care

The staff's training and experience and the ratio of staff to residents determine the level of care.


Consider the facility's proximity to family members and essential institutions such as hospitals. 


When looking for a senior living facility, consider the security protocols, including the emergency response system. 

Unique amenities

Assess the features that make a particular senior living facility unique compared to other facilities.