How much is the NY E-ZPass senior discount?

Learn how much senior discount you get with the NY E-ZPass and the various benefits you get.

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Getting an E-ZPass can significantly save money for seniors and provide unmatched convenience when paying toll fees. One of the perks seniors get with the NY E-ZPass is the significant discount offered for older adults. 

The New York E-ZPass provides a 50% discount for seniors. For instance, the Delaware River Port Authority charges a $2.5 toll fee for older adults instead of the usual $5. The discount applies to all significant toll tunnels, roads, and bridges. Seniors traveling in multiple states can still enjoy the discounts in all E-ZPass states.

What is E-ZPass?

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that increases convenience for drivers on tolled bridges, tunnels, and roads. It allows drivers to pre-pay tolls through an account linked to a portable transponder device mounted on the vehicle. 

As the driver approaches the tolling point, an overhead sensor reads the transponder, allowing the vehicle to continue through the toll plaza without stopping to pay cash. The toll amount at the stop is deducted from the pre-paid account balance. 

The E-ZPass is accepted in 18 States in the U.S. In New York, it works across a network of tolled facilities such as the New York Thruway Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bridges and Tunnels, and more. Multi-state drivers benefit from the E-ZPass as they travel through different states.

How much do seniors save with the NY E-ZPass?

Seniors with a NY E-ZPass account can take advantage of the 50% discount on the standard passenger vehicle standard cash toll. For example, while the Delaware River Port Authority charges a $5 cash toll for passenger vehicles, enrolled seniors with an E-ZPass account pay a discounted fee of $2.5. 

The discounts apply across all stations in NY for seniors using a well-mounted E-ZPass transponder linked to their account. The discount is deducted automatically, regardless of where seniors are driving. The 50% discount is especially great for seniors who frequently travel and can add up to a reasonable amount at the end of the year. 

Is there an annual fee for E-ZPass in NY?

All E-ZPass account holders in New York pay an annual fee, which also applies to senior account holders. The fee covers administrative and operational costs for the E-ZPass electronic tolling systems across New York. 

The annual fee is $88 for passenger vehicles. This fee falls under the standard New York E-ZPass permit plan. The fee applies when you initially sign up for an account; annual charges follow. The fee allows you access to toll discounts, and in the event of failure to pay, your account may be revoked.

Does E-ZPass save you money in NY?

Using an E-ZPass saves you money when traveling across tolled roads throughout New York. E-ZPass users benefit from discounts compared to drivers paying cash toll fees.

The E-ZPass saves you money across all port authority facilities because the discounts are system-wide. For example, drivers paying cash incur the total cost if they use a significant crossing, such as the Lincoln Tunnel or the Outerbridge Crossing in New York. In contrast, E-ZPass drivers receive an automatic discount. 

Hence, using the E-ZPass makes offsetting the $88 annual fee easier than paying the total cash toll. The E-ZPass is highly valuable for anyone traveling longer distances in New York since tolls can quickly add up.

Can I keep the E-ZPass if I move out of State?

One of the perks of E-ZPass is that you can use the same transponder device across other states. For instance, you can seamlessly use your current transponder if you have a New York E-ZPass and move to another state in the E-ZPass network. From Maine Down to West Virginia, the E-ZPass system is applicable for electronic tolling across 18 states. 

While most seniors obtain the E-ZPass through their home state’s tolling authority, the devices work similarly across different states. In addition, you can purchase the E-ZPass from any state besides the one you live in. 

Different states charge varying fees when purchasing the E-ZPass. For example, when you buy an E-ZPass in Maryland, you will pay a $21 non-refundable fee plus a $1.5 monthly fee per transponder.

When you move from New York to Maryland, you can use the existing transponder and continue paying electronic tolls. However, remember to update your payment information and address for a seamless transition using the same transponder.

How to enroll for E-ZPass in NY?

The first step when enrolling for an E-ZPass in New York is to sign up for an E-ZPass account on the E-ZPass website. You will be prompted to choose your state, which in this case is NY. After selecting the state, click on enroll online to get the application form. 

Fill out the basic information on the form and payment option to fund your account. Ensure you have your credit card and license plate number when signing up. You can also enroll for the discounted account if you are an older adult or a person with a disability. 

After signing up, you will receive your complete profile tag within seven business days, plus instructions on how to mount the windshield transponder on your vehicle. Enrolling in an E-ZPass online takes only a few minutes.

What are the benefits of E-ZPass in NY?

These are some of the benefits of using E-ZPass in NY:


E-ZPass users get automated discount rates compared to cash tolls. Seniors also get a $2.5 discount. Frequent travelers can take advantage of the discounts as they add up. 

Multi-states access

If you have a New York E-ZPass transponder, you can use it seamlessly across 18 states. Multi-state access allows easy and discounted electronic tolling when driving across different states or visiting another state. 

Saving the environment

The E-ZPass reduces congestion since drivers don’t have to stop at toll stations to pay toll fees. It also helps cut fuel consumption, hence reducing environmental emissions. The higher the number of E-Zusers, the better for the environment. 

Discounted plans for vulnerable citizens

Apart from the E-ZPass discount, NY offers additional discounts to vulnerable citizens. For instance, senior citizens are eligible for a special discount. Also, persons with disability are eligible for special deals during enrolment. 

E-ZPass Plus benefit

E-ZPass Plus is an add-on that allows individuals to use the E-ZPass to make parking payments at designated airports. Therefore, it eliminates the burden of using cash or a credit card to pay airport parking fees.