How much is the Verizon senior plan?

Learn how much the Verizon senior plan costs, eligibility requirements, and alternative Verizon plans.

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Finding an affordable mobile plan can be overwhelming, especially for seniors who may not be tech-savvy. Verizon simplifies this process by providing a senior plan that caters to older adult’s talk, text, and data needs. The Verizon senior plan offers tailored features and pricing to ensure a seamless experience for seniors.

The Verizon 55+ Unlimited plan costs $62 monthly for a single line and $84 monthly for two lines. It is available to seniors aged 55 and over, and residing in the State of Florida. The 55+ plan offers unlimited data, talk, and text, and also provides unlimited DVD-quality streaming, and unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data.

What does the Verizon senior plan offer?

Verizon offers one senior-specific plan- the 55+ unlimited plan. The plan features unlimited text, talk, and data on the Verizon 4G LTE and 5G networks. With the Verizon 55+ plan, seniors can make calls, text, browse, and keep in touch with their online friends with no limit. Be aware that the 55+ Verizon plan is limited to seniors in Florida. If you live outside Florida, you may want to find alternative senior-specific plans.

The 55+ plan has many enticing perks for seniors, including the unlimited mobile hotspot that allows you to share your internet connection with other devices. You also enjoy unlimited text, data, and talk when you travel to Mexico or Canada. The plan also allows seniors to enjoy DVD-quality streaming. 

How much is Verizon 55+ Unlimited?

The Verizon 55+ unlimited plan starts at $62 monthly for one line and $84 monthly for two lines. The cost covers unlimited talk, text, and mobile data. In addition, there is a $35 one-time activation fee when buying any Verizon plan. Users also get access to excellent customer service to help with any issues and inquiries they might have.

Does Verizon 55+ include 5G?

Verizon 55+ unlimited plan includes 5G coverage. 5G coverage offers faster upload and download speeds compared to 4G LTE. If you are a working senior, 5G coverage offers convenience when you need to send out work emails or upload project files. However, 5G coverage may vary depending on location. Also, you need a device that is 5G-supported to enjoy the full benefits.

Eligibility requirements for Verizon senior plan

Verizon's 55+ Unlimited plan is designed specifically for seniors, but they must meet certain requirements.

First, the primary account holder must be at least age 55 and over to qualify. You must be a new Verizon wireless customer, and you must have one or two phones in your Verizon account. Finally, you must have a Florida billing address, since the plan is only available in Florida.

If you're an existing Verizon customer and meet the age criteria, you can contact Verizon or visit a Verizon store to check if you are eligible for the 55+ Unlimited plan.

Key factors when choosing the Verizon senior plan

There are a few things to consider when buying the Verizon senior plan.

First, you must be eligible for the 55+ Unlimited plan to enroll for the plan. When you apply for the plan, Verizon will require you to provide your date of birth as part of your application to verify your age. Also, you will need to provide your Florida billing address to confirm you are a resident of the Sunshine State.

When buying the Verizon mobile plan, you can do so either online or by visiting a Verizon store. You will be required to fill out your personal information to determine your eligibility and explore other plans if you are not eligible for the 55+ plan. If you are eligible, keep in mind that you can have up to a maximum of 2 phones in your account.

Alternative Verizon plans for seniors

While the Verizon 55+ plan is a perfect option for seniors, it is limited to Florida residents. If you are located outside Florida, you can explore other Verizon plans.

Verizon Start Unlimited

The Verizon Start Unlimited offers unlimited text, talk, and data at $35 per month for a single line. It is a good value plan for seniors on a budget. You also enjoy a free six-month Disney+ and Apple Music subscription. Seniors living with family can benefit from the Start Unlimited plan, which charges $30 per line for five or more lines. Older adults can, therefore, keep their family connected with unlimited data, text, and talk while still saving up on monthly charges. 

Verizon Prepaid Unlimited

The Verizon Prepaid Unlimited plan costs $65 per month for one line, and you get 5G coverage, unlimited data, talk, and text, and unlimited talk in Canada and Mexico. Also, if you stay active on this plan for at least 10 months, you save $10 per month. Plus, the rate per line decreases as you add more lines.

Is Verizon ideal for seniors? 

Verizon offers attractive mobile plans for older adults. Here are some of the benefits seniors get:


Verizon offers competitive pricing on its senior package and amazing discounts on additional lines. Depending on the timing of your subscription or package, you can also get promos. 

Customer support

Verizon offers excellent customer support to its users. Whether you are enrolling for a new plan, or want to move to the 55+ Unlimited plan, you can contact Verizon customer support for assistance.

Network coverage

Verizon provides excellent nationwide coverage for all its packages. Whether you live in a relatively rural or densely populated area, you can enjoy good coverage across the country.


The Verizon 55+ Unlimited plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data to seniors living in Florida. If you are at least age 55 and living in Florida, you can contact Verizon online or by visiting a Verizon store to check your eligibility and purchase a plan.

If you live outside Florida, you won’t be eligible for the 55+ unlimited plan, but you can explore other Verizon mobile plans like the Verizon Start Unlimited and Verizon Prepaid Unlimited that include attractive offerings for talk, text, and data.