How much is Walgreens Senior Discount?

Learn about the Walgreens senior discount, including eligibility requirements and how much you can save.

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Living expenses can become a major burden on seniors, especially those living on a fixed income. Fortunately, retailers recognize these financial challenges and offer discounts to help seniors gain more from a small budget. Walgreens is a well-known pharmacy chain in the U.S. that offers valuable senior discounts to help older adults make substantial savings.

Walgreens offers a 20% senior discount on all eligible items on the first Tuesday of every month. This discount is available to seniors who are age 55 and over. The discount applies to pharmaceutical items, household items, beauty products, and other products. However, restricted products, such as alcohol, gift cards, magazines, tobacco, and prescriptions, are not eligible for the senior discount.

When is the Senior Day at Walgreens?

Walgreens offers a 20% senior discount on the first Tuesday of every month for all eligible adults. This discount is offered to all seniors age 55 and over, and you must show proof of age to take advantage of this discount. Some eligible proof of age documents can include a US passport, driving license, or military ID.

Does Walgreens offer a senior discount?

Walgreens offers a senior discount to help 55+ eligible adults save money on select items in its stores. The 20% discount by Walgreens can add up for seniors who rely on Walgreens for daily goods and health essentials every month. 

However, when using the senior discount at Walgreens, you should be aware of certain rules. Usually, the items exempted from the senior discount may differ when purchased in-store compared to online purchases.

What are the requirements to qualify for Walgreens senior discount?

To qualify for a senior discount at Walgreens, you must meet the primary requirement- the minimum age set by Walgreens. The age requirement is 55+ across all Walgreens stores in the United States.

If you have met the minimum age requirement of 55 years and over, you will be required to provide proof of age to enjoy the Walgreens senior discount. Some of the acceptable forms of identification include: 

State-issued ID card

State-issued driver’s license

U.S Passport

Military card

Birth certificate

If you do not have proof of age documents when shopping, contact customer service at your local Walgreens store and inquire about alternative ways to verify your age at the store.

Items excluded from Walgreens Senior Discounts

While Walgreens's senior discounts can provide significant savings, some items may not be eligible for the senior discount.

Some of the items restricted from the senior discount include stamps, dairy, alcohol, tobacco, magazines, gift cards, clinic services, newspapers, lottery tickets, prescriptions, bulk orders, charitable donations, and transport services.

You must confirm the items eligible for a discount when shopping at Walgreens if you want to leverage senior discounts to save money. 

Other Walgreens Discounts

Apart from the senior discount, Walgreens offers its customers other types of discounts. Here are some of the discounts available:

Military Discounts

Walgreens offers various military discounts to active duty service members, veterans, and their families. To qualify for the military discount, active duty personnel, veterans, and their families must enroll for myWalgreens membership. Eligible military members will be required to show proof of service to enjoy the military discount.

myWalgreens Membership Discounts

The myWalgreens membership is a free program that allows individuals to access exclusive discounts. Walgreens members can benefit from cash rewards when making purchases at the store. myWalgreens members receive 1% cash back on all purchases from the store.

Furthermore, myWalgreens members benefit from the 5% cash back from all Walgreens branded purchases. The higher reward for Walgreens branded items encourages loyalty to the store and ensures customers do not miss out on exciting cashback offers. You can sign up on their website to join myWalgreens and benefit from the membership discounts. 

myWalgreens Credit Card

If you want to maximize Walgreens discounts, you can achieve this by signing up for a myWalgreens credit card. Cardholders can enjoy generous 10% Walgreens cash rewards on Walgreens branded products.

In addition, cardholders take home a generous 5% cashback on non-Walgreens brands and pharmaceutical purchases. Also, with a myWalgreens credit card, you get 3% cash rewards on eligible groceries and wellness products purchased outside Walgreens. Plus, you get 1% cash rewards on purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 

Does Walgreens Offer an AARP Discount?

AARP members who are 55 or older are eligible to receive 20% off eligible items on Walgreens' Seniors Day on the first Tuesday of every month. To get the AARP discount at Walgreens, show your valid AARP membership card to the cashier when checking out on Seniors Day. 

How to Maximize Saving at Walgreens

If you are a regular Walgreens shopper, here’s how you can save more from your shopping at Walgreens: 

Leverage on manufacturer’s coupons

You can combine manufacturer coupons with Walgreens senior discount during your next shopping trip. Whether you obtain a coupon from a coupon website or manufacturer’s website, do not leave any coupons at home when going for your next shopping at Walgreens. Bringing coupons allows you to understand Walgreens' coupon policy and maximize the discounts. 

Take advantage of Walgreens promo codes

Promo codes qualify for in-store or online purchase discounts. Walgreens promo codes can be found on the mobile app or website. If you have several promo codes, ensure you use them for your next shopping trip to get a slash off your purchases. 

Register reward on receipts

When shopping, certain purchases can earn you register rewards, usually printed at the bottom of the receipt. Register rewards are similar to coupons and can give you a great discount on your next purchase. If you do not register for rewards, stay tuned for Walgreens' weekly ads to learn which items to purchase. 

Watch out for promotions

Besides making a budget for your next shopping trip at Walgreens, review their ads to identify strategic purchases that will earn you a discount. You can also benefit from staying updated with ongoing sales or promotions, and plan your shopping around that list to get a good discount. To get the promotional information, check the ads on the website or at the store in print form. 

Join myWalgreens Program

myWalgreens loyalty program unlocks several opportunities to save more. For example, as a myWalgreens member, you earn an automatic 1% cash back on every purchase. In addition, you earn 5% cash back on all Walgreens brand items you purchase. If you do not have a myWalgreens membership, get one to save more.