How to apply the senior discount in Grab?

Learn how to apply the senior discount in Grab, and the various discounts available for each Grab service.

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If you retired on a budget, you should seek out and ask for senior discounts on a wide range of goods and services to help you make the most of your retirement dollars. Whether you are buying groceries, traveling by train, or eating restaurant meals, you should not shy away from asking for a discounted price. One of the platforms you can use to find restaurants that offer senior discounts is Grab, a food delivery service.

Grab offers a 20% senior citizen discount on the most expensive item in the basket for GrabFood orders, in a single serving. You will be required to provide your Senior Citizen ID to qualify for the discount. Also, the senior discount is only available to citizens, and you will need to provide proof of your citizenship; foreigners are not eligible for the discount.

How does Grab work?

Grab is a multi-service platform that operates in Southeast Asia, and it offers various services such as food delivery, ride-hailing, and package delivery. It operates in various Southeast Asia countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

Grab services are primarily available through its mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Start by downloading the Grab app on the App Store or Play Store, and fill out the sign-up form by providing your name, age, ID, and other personal information. You will then be able to order food, book a ride, order groceries, or access its financial services.

For food delivery service, Grab partners with various restaurants to give customers a wide range of food options, which they can order online and get it delivered. You can check the list of restaurants available on the Grab App, select the items you want to buy, and place your order.

How to use the senior discount in GrabFood?

When you sign up on Grab, you will be required to provide your senior citizen ID during registration. You will be asked to upload clear photos of the required IDs, and your account name should match the name on the IDs. Once your senior citizen ID is registered and verified by Grab, they will activate the senior citizen discount on your account.

Once you log in to your Grab account, browse through the restaurants and find the items you want to order. Confirm that the special discount is in the restaurant's offer list before making an order. The senior citizen discount is available for a majority of the merchants, but some merchants are yet to provide the discount.

Qualified Grab users in the Philippines are eligible for a senior citizen discount as required by the government. Once you order food from a restaurant that offers the senior discount, a 20% discount will be automatically applied to the most expensive single-serving item in your basket.

Confirm that the discount has been applied under the order summary before placing your order. If you are eligible for both the senior and PWD discounts, only one discount will be applied per order.

How to use the senior citizen discount on GrabCar

When you register on Grab, you will be required to provide documentation to prove that you are eligible for the senior citizen discount. You can provide your Senior Citizen ID with the birth date visible, or any other government-issued ID with the birth date visible.

To receive the senior discount, Grab users in Metro Manila and Greater Metro Manila will need to select the GrabCar option dedicated to them i.e. GrabCar 4-seater (PWD/SC/Student) or GrabCar 6-seater (PWD/SC/Student), and the discount will be automatically applied.

Be aware that you will need to bring your senior citizen ID or other valid ID when taking your GrabCar ride, and the name on your Grab account must match the names on your government-issued ID.

If you are outside Metro Manila and Greater Metro Manila, you will be required to manually enter the senior citizen discount codes when booking a ride. You can enter the code GRABSENIOR or GRABPWD (for persons with disability) before booking your GrabCar ride.

What are the requirements to get the special discount?

The Grab discounts are available to various classes of customers. For GrabFood, you will be eligible to receive the special discount if you are a senior citizen age 60 or older, or a Person With Disability (PWD). Both classes of customers will be eligible for a 20% discount on the most expensive item in the GrabFood basket. Also, they will be required to provide documentation to prove their age (for seniors) or disability (for PWDs).

For GrabCar rides, there are several types of discounts available to customers i.e. senior citizen discount, PWD discount, student discount, and National Athlete/Coach discount. All eligible customers qualify for a 20% discount on selected GrabCar rides. Eligible customers will be required to provide a valid ID. Some of the eligible IDs include senior citizen ID (for seniors), PWD ID (for persons with disability), ID issued by the Philippine Sports Commission (for national athletes/coaches), student/school ID (for students, showing the current academic year), or any other government-issued ID.

At what age do most restaurants give senior discounts?

Senior citizens are eligible to claim senior discounts at various businesses, including clothing stores, grocery stores, car dealerships, restaurants, and other businesses. Some well-known restaurants are known to offer discounted prices for retirees on meals and drinks.

Most restaurants that offer senior discounts require their diners to be at least age 55, 60, or 65 to be eligible for the discount. Some restaurants may allow customers from as low as age 50 to get the senior discount to lower their bill or a free drink to accompany their meal. Additionally, some restaurants offer senior discounts exclusively to AARP members, and you must be an AARP member and age 50 or older to get the discount.