How to get a senior discount on Xfinity?

Discover insider tips on how to get the best senior discount on Xfinity and save money on your next bill.

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Finding ways to save money on regular expenses like cable TV and internet can make a difference for seniors on a fixed income. Xfinity is one of the largest cable TV providers in the United States, and it offers various options for seniors to save money on cable TV and internet bills.

While Xfinity does not offer a senior discount, it offers other incentives that older adults can explore. One of these incentives is the Xfinity loyalty program, which offers many rewards and discounts to enrolled customers. In addition, Xfinity offers promotions such as the paperless billing discount that saves seniors up to $10 per month. Also, seniors can opt for the bundled package and save up to $60 on their monthly bill.

Does Xfinity offer senior discounts?

Xfinity does not offer a customized senior discount. However, it provides several senior-friendly products, making it an appealing choice for older adults. For instance, the voice search functionality allows users to navigate channels through voice commands. 

Also, Xfinity features a large button remote control, making it easier for seniors with dexterity issues to operate. Seniors can also enjoy the Bilingual channels and consume content in their native languages.

Does Xfinity offer a loyalty discount?

Xfinity offers loyalty discounts to its customers via the Xfinity rewards program. Xfinity rewards are designed to show appreciation to customers who have used Xfinity products consistently.

Customers can sign up for free by logging into their Xfinity account. Enrolled members can then access the Xfinity discounts and rewards depending on their use of the products. The loyalty discounts have the following tiers: 

0-2 years - Silver

2-7 years - Gold

7-14 years - Platinum

14+ years - Diamond

The higher the tier, the greater the reward. The loyalty discount allows customers to enjoy the benefits even as a young member with under two years as an Xfinity user. In addition, Xfinity offers customers a blended discount experience. For instance, you can enjoy digital discounts to sites such as Bravo or a $1 movie night. 

Once you have enrolled in the Xfinity loyalty rewards, ensure you have the Xfinity app and log into the portal, where rewards are posted regularly. You can also check your eligibility for the rewards and take advantage of the rewards you qualify for. Generally, the rewards have varying expiration dates, making it important to check and use them before they expire.

How can seniors reduce cable bills?

Seniors with limited income can minimize their monthly expenses by finding ways to reduce their cable and internet bills. Here are some strategies that seniors can use:

Choosing a basic package

If you are a light TV viewer and do not require extra channel programs, you can use a starter or basic package to reduce the cable bills.

For instance, the Xfinity basic features 10+ channels, a streaming app, and HD programming at $20 per month. Cox TV Starter offers 75+ channels, HD programming, streaming apps, and no long-term contract for $50 per month. The basic or starter plan allows you to enjoy basic TV without going overboard with the budget. 

Consider bundling services

Bundling multiple services from the same provider can save you money on your monthly bill. Cable service providers are generous with discounts for customers who choose a bundle that includes multiple services.

For example, you can choose the Xfinity bundle with TV, landline, internet, and home security features to enjoy a $60 discount per month instead of purchasing the services separately. 


If you can install cable without professional assistance, you can save $70 with Xfinity. Cable companies offer free delivery of self-installation kits to your doorstep. The kits come with everything you need and have easy instructions to guide you through the installation process.

Limit unnecessary purchases

Purchasing extras like add-ons can increase the cable bill. When choosing a cable package, consider your needs and prioritize cost savings. If you are on a limited budget, stick to a basic plan to save money on your monthly expenses.

Auto-pay billing 

Cable service providers are generous with incentives and discounts for customers who opt for auto-pay billing. If you are certain about the cable package you need, you can opt for auto-pay billing and enjoy the incentives from the provider. 

Who is eligible for Xfinity rewards?

Xfinity has specific criteria that customers must follow to qualify for Xfinity rewards. First, you must be an active Xfinity customer subscribed to one or more services, such as internet, TV, or home security. In addition, your current Xfinity account must be in good standing, with no delinquent payments or outstanding balances.  

Secondly, you must be the primary account holder to benefit from Xfinity rewards. Unfortunately, additional users are not eligible for the Xfinity rewards. Thirdly, you must be at least 18 years old and over to be eligible for Xfinity rewards. 

Xfinity internet plans for seniors

Xfinity does not feature a plan tailored for seniors. However, it has a few options that cater to the needs of older adults. For instance, Xfinity’s Internet Essentials is a perfect option for low-income seniors. It is priced at $9.95 and provides high internet speed access. 

Seniors who require an internet package can get Xfinity bundled plans that combine internet services and cable TV. Besides, getting the bundled services is cheaper than purchasing the two products separately. Alternatively, seniors who require home security with internet can get the bundle that incorporates this package. 

Before choosing an internet package, consider your budget and the package you need most. Also, watch out for promotional discounts that come with the specific Xfinity packages you choose.

Xfinity cable TV packages for seniors

Seniors can explore the Xfinity Choice TV, a basic and budget-friendly option. This option costs $30 a month and has 10+ channels. You can get a discount on this package if you sign up for paperless billing.

The paperless billing discount is $10, bringing down the monthly choice TV bill to $20. The basic choice TV also comes with Streampix, a streaming service, at $4.99 per month.

The package also offers seniors flexibility and convenience through the free DVR, which allows seniors to record live TV shows and watch them at their pleasure.