What’s Seniors Alliance Program?

Learn more about the Senior Alliance’s assistance programs, outreach, and advocacy for seniors in Wayne County, Michigan.

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Staying connected and empowered in retirement is difficult for many seniors, especially if they don’t have the benefit of a large retirement income or family surrounding them. Luckily, there are programs like The Seniors Alliance Program to lend a helping hand to seniors in Wayne County, Michigan.

The Seniors Alliance Program helps seniors over 60 access in-home care and other services that they need. From fostering community through congregate meals and adult day services to connecting you with caregivers and support programs like daily ‘friendly reassurance’ calls, seniors are sure to find the help they need. This program is implemented in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services and state Medicare/Medicaid programs.

How the Seniors Alliance program works

Part of the Area Agencies on Aging network, The Senior Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) agency working with the 34 communities in southern and western Wayne County, Michigan, alongside the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

The Seniors Alliance program also helps manage the MI Choice Waiver Program, which helps qualifying seniors and disabled individuals access the services and support they need. They also take some responsibility for the Medicaid Waiver Program in the area.

If you are a resident of the area, over 60, and are eligible for coverage under the Older Americans Act and the Older Michiganians Act, The Senior Alliance is there to help.

What programs does The Seniors Alliance offer?

For many seniors in Michigan, The Senior Alliance is a popular program due to its involvement with Medicare and Medicaid Assistance in the state. However, it offers a lot more than just that!

Staying fed

The Senior Alliance helps to connect seniors with congregate meal programs in their area. Here, you can share a healthy meal with other older people in a social setting, helping to keep you active and engaged as well as well-fed. They can also connect you with home-delivered meals.

Remaining In your home

Many seniors would prefer to stay in their homes rather than move to a fully managed facility. This is often known as ‘aging in place’, and programs like The Senior Alliance take a many-pronged approach to ensure you can meet this goal while staying safe, secure, and supported. After all, their motto is, ‘Live Your Way’!

They will help you access medication management services to ensure this vital aspect of your health is well-managed at all times, even if your memory isn’t what it used to be. They also assist with finding support programs to ensure you can safely access nutritious meals and transportation to and from medical care and daily tasks.

Another part of managing aging in place is ensuring you have help with the tasks you need instead of having to struggle alone. From connecting you with Medicaid’s in-home caregivers to coordinating your case management and support for ongoing care, they have the information and assistance to help take your age-in-place dreams to a safe and tangible reality.

Friendly reassurance and hearken

The Senior Alliance also offers a program called ‘Friendly Reassurance’ to support isolated or homebound seniors. Up to five days a week, you will receive telephone calls and social support to ensure you stay connected to your community and feel safe in your home. Should you not answer, a safety check will be triggered to ensure all is well. This is not only of benefit to the retiree but can be a fantastic reassurance for long-distance loved ones, too.

This is part of the wider Hearken program, which aims to combat social isolation and loneliness as we age. They can also assist with adult day services to foster a sense of community in a safe environment, especially if familial caregivers are not able to be present at all times.

Homecoming from hospitalization

Homecoming is modeled on the community-based Care Transitions program, and it assists seniors and their families after hospital admission through the first month back home. This helps keep readmission and post-care struggles to a minimum, empowers seniors to understand and take charge of their medical care, and will also help identify other areas of your home that can be improved for your safety.

Empowering caregivers and the community

Direct support for seniors isn’t all The Senior Alliance offers. They also assist with staffing for senior centers in their area and offer ongoing support, education, and training for both familial and for-hire caregivers.

Information and advocacy

The Senior Alliance is active in promoting the rights and needs of our older population. They offer information and assistance to families to enable them provide support to their seniors. The program can also offer legal assistance around senior care and rights, and keep a high priority on outreach, advocacy, and education around seniors’ needs and care. They are heavily involved with the prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and can offer support to affected seniors.

Overall, The Senior Alliance offers a wealth of programs and ongoing education around matters close to the hearts of seniors in the Michigan area. From accessing and using the care options open to you through state programs to ensuring you have all the knowledge and resources you need to age well, they are your partners as you “age in place”.