What’s seniors helping seniors?

What is Seniors Helping Seniors? Find out more, including what they offer, and how you can become a compassionate caregiver to other seniors.

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If you’re looking for a way to give back to the senior community as a retiree, then the Seniors Helping Seniors might be a great fit for you. This heartwarming and mutually beneficial initiative connects fit and healthy seniors with other older individuals in their community to offer support, help, and in-home care. 

The Seniors Helping Seniors program offers a variety of elder-focused care programs to those who want to age gracefully in their homes but are struggling. These programs range from help with cooking, shopping, and light cleaning, right through to basic repairs and handyman services, personal care, pet services, and yard work. They’ll also lend a helping hand with reminders for medication schedules and remembering to mail bills. For the worried families of seniors, there is also respite care, wellness checks, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, and 24-hour care on offer.

What is Seniors Helping Seniors about?

Seniors Helping Seniors is a grassroots, community-led program offering in-home care services to aged people from their peers. Not only does this help people who are struggling with their daily tasks, but it is also a great way to give back to your peers and help enhance their social wellness. While it’s a national program, each area is separately run, and you may find differences across the various programs depending on where you live.

For many older people, being able to interact with and get help from people in their same age group is a great comfort, and feels more personal and friendly than having young and overworked caregivers offer their services. There is more to bond over, and it feels like a comfortable friendship instead of a business arrangement.

What help does Seniors Helping Seniors offer?

Maintaining independence in old age is a key desire for many older people, but we all need help now and again. Seniors Helping Seniors pairs those in need with fellow seniors, paying attention to their personality as well as their needs. Caregivers are carefully screened, so you have the assurance. You will also get a visit from the local team to assess your needs and make sure it’s a great match.

The program is affordable and assists with a wide range of tasks, including:

Light housekeeping

While this program isn’t for cleaning up hoarder homes, their caregivers are there to help you keep everything spic and span.


For many seniors, especially those battling cognitive decline, making a healthy and nutritious meal often falls by the wayside. The Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers can either help you get everything you need for your meals, or take over the duty to ensure you stay healthy.


Is getting to the shops becoming a struggle? The Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers also help with shopping needs, either by shopping on your behalf, or accompanying you as you shop.

Personal care

Needing help with personal care is often an issue for older people. From drinking, eating, and toileting to bathing, dressing, and mobility assistance, help is at hand.

Pet care

Keeping a pet in the home is a great comfort for many seniors, but Fido and Miss Fluffy have needs too. Feeding, walking, and light grooming will help ensure they’re receiving the best care possible- plus it is extra socialization for your furry friend.

Light handyman and repair services

Many seniors struggle with home upkeep, leading to an unsafe environment. While more serious projects will need to be done by professionals, the Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers include retired handymen willing to lend a hand.

Basic yard work

Need help with mowing and basic yard upkeep? Having a fit and healthy peer to help will allow you to stay on top of this task and still enjoy the warmth and vitality of the outdoors.

Medication reminders

Taking your meds on schedule is critical to your health as you age, but our memories often start to slip. Luckily, you can get a little help with this too.

Mailing and bills

If you find you’re starting to lose track of mail-in payments and important letters, a friendly caregiver will help you stay on track.

Seniors Helping Seniors will also evaluate your home for trip and fall risks, and offer guidance and connections to people who can help make your home safer for you. They also offer escorts for events, running errands, and outings, including transportation. And you should never undervalue how important having companionship and company is to aging well. Many users of this program love the fact that they’re dealing with peers with shared interests and hobbies, and you may just find yourself a new friend or social circle to brighten your days.

How can I become a caregiver with Seniors Helping Seniors?

If you’re fit, spry, and a senior, you can become a caregiver and offer your skills and services to the community. It’s a flexible schedule, and you can earn a little extra income for your services.

The Seniors Helping Seniors program has a volunteer program that you can enroll in and start offering services to other seniors. Generally, you will have to go through an interview and background check before you can be onboarded onto the program. If you are a licensed caregiver or nurse (even after retirement), your skills will be especially helpful to the program. You can apply on their website to be connected to your local community.

Family help

Caring for aging family members can be a difficult task. Seniors Helping Seniors also offers respite care and support for issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s. They also offer long-distance checkups for families living far away from their special senior, as well as limited 24-hour care and overnight stays for times of medical emergency.