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Whole Foods 401(k)

Learn how the Whole Foods 401(k) plan works, including eligibility requirements, employer match, contributions, withdrawals, and much more.

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Whole Foods Market is an American supermarket chain that focuses on the healthy food niche and is well known for its range of organic offerings. It is an Amazon subsidiary, employing over 100,000 workers, and operating 500 stores in the United States and 7 in the United Kingdom. Whole Foods employees get access to various benefits, including the Whole Foods 401(k) retirement plan, also known as the Whole Foods Market Growing Your Future 401(k) plan.

Whole Foods employees can participate in the Whole Foods 401(k) plan if they have worked at least 1,000 hours for the company, are classed as ‘team members’, and are over 18 years of age. You must enroll within a specific, company-defined window each year. Whole Foods Market offers a 50% match (i.e. $0.50 for every $1 you contribute) on up to 4% of your eligible contributions.

Whole Foods 401(k) provider

The Whole Foods 401(k) plan is currently with Fidelity Investments, which had assets worth more than $1.86B curated for the over 109,800 Whole Foods Market employees. You can access your 401(k) benefits online at benefits.wholefoods.com. You will need your full name, Social Security number, and date of birth when you first created your account. You will then create your User ID and password on the site.

Whole Foods 401(k) login

If you need to access your 401(k) plan online, you can do so through the benefits.wholefoods.com website. You will answer some basic security questions if it is your first time registering, and then you will be prompted to create your User ID and password. If you forget these, you can recover them through the ‘Forgot User ID’ or ‘Forgot password’ options.

Whole Foods 401(k) match

In the 2024 year, the Whole Foods 401(k) plan offers an employer match of 50% on up to 4% of your eligible pay. This has changed from earlier years. This only goes for current contributions, and not catch-up contributions or other, non-eligible pay.

Whole Foods 401(k) customer service

If you need assistance with your Whole Foods 401(k) plan, you can get it through the Whole Foods Market Benefits Service Center. Contact them at 888-681-2249 on workdays (Monday to Friday) between 7 am and 7 pm CT.

Whole Foods 401(k) loan

You can take only one type of loan from your Whole Foods 401(k), and can only have one loan active at any time. You can borrow a minimum of $500, and the maximum amount you can borrow is $50,000 or half of your vested 401(k) balance, whichever is lesser. The loan must be paid within 5 years unless it was used to buy a principal residence, where you have 15 years.

Whole Foods 401(k) after termination

If you are terminated from Whole Foods, and your Whole Foods 401(k) plan balance is under $5,000, it will be paid out to you as a cash sum by default. If your balance exceeds that amount, you can leave it in the plan for up to 180 days as you decide what to do with it.

You can roll over your 401(k) balance to a new employer or other qualified retirement plan. If you opt to withdraw the amount instead, be aware that there are taxes and penalties to be paid if you are under 59 ½ years of age.

Whole Foods 401(k) withdrawal

While still employed by Whole Foods, you can immediately withdraw all amounts on request if you are over 59 ½ or have become disabled. Any rolled-over funds and regular after-tax contributions can be withdrawn at any age but may face penalties and taxes imposed by Federal law if you are under 59 ½. Other earnings may only be withdrawn if you qualify for a hardship withdrawal. Some of the eligible financial hardships include foreclosure, eviction, or a medical emergency.

Whole Foods 401(k) early withdrawal

You can only withdraw from your Whole Foods 401(k) below the age of 59 ½ if you qualify for a hardship withdrawal. These circumstances include buying a first primary residence, unexpected medical or funeral costs, foreclosure or eviction, some education expenses, etc. You will need to have exhausted any rolled-over funds from previous employers first and if there is no other obvious source through which you can get assistance (like selling assets).

Whole Foods 401(k) rollover form

You can get a Whole Foods 401(k) rollover form through the benefits portal (benefits.wholefoods.com). As with most 401(k) plans, you will have to confirm that the source of the funds is qualified. If you’re struggling to find the rollover form, contact the Whole Foods Market Benefits Service Center at 888-681-2249.

Whole Foods 401(k) account number

If you need your Whole Foods 401(k) account number, the easiest way to get it is by logging on to benefits.wholefoods.com; check your 401(k) account number under your profile. Alternatively, you can get your account number by calling Whole Foods Market Benefits Service Center at 888-681-2249 between 7 am and 7 pm CT on weekdays. You will be required to answer certain questions to verify your identity.

Whole Foods 401(k) phone number

You can get help with your Whole Foods 401(k) plan through the Whole Foods Market Benefits Service Center. You can contact them Monday through Friday, between 7 am and 7 pm CT. You can also contact the plan administrator via phone (512-477-4455) if you have plan-specific problems.

Whole Foods 401(k) administrator

The role of plan administrator for the Whole Foods 401(k) plan is held by the Senior Vice President of Team Member Services. As of 2023, this position is held by Brian O’Connell. The plan administrator is responsible for the plan’s day-to-day administration. They can be reached at 512-477-4455, or in writing via this address: 550 Bowie Street, Austin, TX, 78703.

Whole Foods 401(k) eligibility

You are eligible for the Whole Foods 401(k) plan if you are over 18, an official team member, and have worked 1,000 hours for the company. You can re-enroll if you leave and return to the company after your first year of service. If you work with a union, you may have a separate agreement for 401(k) plans.

Whole Foods 401(k) vesting

All contributions to your Whole Foods 401(k) plan are 100% vested at all times, including employer matches you have received. However, these will only be payable to you after you leave the company.

Whole Foods 401(k) app

Whole Foods offers an app called MyApps, which allows you to manage all your benefits in one place. Alternatively, you can also manage your plan directly through Fidelity Investments’ NetBenefits, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Whole Foods 401(k) summary plan description

The Whole Food 401(k) plan provides every plan participant with a Summary Plan Description. If you need a new copy or didn’t receive yours, it can be requested from the plan administrator (512-477-4455) or the help center (888-681-2249.). You can also request a copy in writing at this address: 550 Bowie Street, Austin, TX, 78703.